What is Steroid?

Drugs that mimic the basic male hormones used in bodybuilding are called steroids. Anabolic steroids are often used in sports. Drugs increase the synthesis of protein in the body as a result of the development of tissues and thus accelerates the development of the body. In today’s medicine, steroids are used in the treatment of diseases such as bone development, cancer, AIDS and stimulation of early puberty. Apart from medical use, it is seen that professional athletes are frequently used in athletics competitions. The abuse of steroids is increasing day by day. The use of steroids by athletes can also be described as bad or good for their purposes. If the athlete has a coach that is working constantly, it is not fair to say that if they plan the steroid use at certain times and correctly, it is not fair to say that it is bad for a man or woman who has just entered puberty and does not have body hormones to seize or inject steroids into his body just to look good.

How to Use Steroids?

Steroids are injected intramuscularly without intravenous injection. Orally taken. Although the effect of injection steroids is faster, its application is a bit difficult.
Anabolic steroids are also clear in the form of cure. When used in combination with another steroid, the name given is called stacking or loading.
After the steroid use, the withdrawal period begins. You enter in such a way that a vicious in progress is disabled.
Counterfeiting of steroids has become widespread in the market.
It is aimed to reduce the anabolic steroids with them so that your hormonal balance is not interrupted during the withdrawal period.
The oral forms are more toxic than comparable to injections.

Side effects of steroids

When asked about the anabolic steroid side effects, we can provide the following answers.

  • Acne tendency
  • Strain while urinating
  • The growth of male breasts is not normal growth. This is called gynecomastia.
  • Increase in the number of red cells.
  • High and low cholesterol levels
  • Hair growth or hair loss
  • Reduction in sperm count and infertility in the opposite direction
  • Fluctuation in libido

You should have regular health checks to avoid such side effects. Steroids are not used for medical purposes, body building, sports, muscle mass, such as increasing the amount of steroid use for reasons such as more. Therefore, the risk will increase unless the doctor is under control.

Good research before moving to the buy steroids department in steroid stores ensures that you don’t tend to the wrong steroid. Gender, age and other environmental factors are effective in manifesting side effects.

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